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5 things to get right when planning an event

We work alongside some of the best event organisers in the business. Here are five tips that we have picked up over the years that might be helpful for you when planning your next event.

  1. What’s the point? Make sure you know exactly why you are holding the event in the first place. People are busy and don’t attend events unless they can grasp a clear vision as to why they should be there.
  2. Look after your visitors. My mum always taught me that the guests come first and that’s exactly right when it comes to events.
  3. Do it brilliantly. Within the bounds of your available budget, make sure your event stands out. Be creative, take some risks and make your event one to remember.
  4. Plan well. They say devil is in the detail and when it comes to events and conferences, they are right! The best events are ones that are meticulously well organised, even if they give the appearance of being creative and spontaneous.
  5. Learn for the future. Each day teaches us new things and enables us to do things better tomorrow. With your conference or event, take a note of things to improve, listen to feedback but most importantly, learn the lessons!