event connections

Event registration and check-in using QR codes

With larger events, it is often important to get a significant number of people through the door in a short space of time. With this in mind, we have developed a range of speedy check-in solutions that work alongside our existing event services.

By integrating high quality imaging scanners into our registration desks, delegates are able to present confirmation codes on paper or on their smartphone. Rather than a self-check-in solution, this approach is the perfect blend of technology and high levels of customer service, which most of our corporate clients are keen to retain.

A different solution can be achieved by making use of our mobile handheld devices. Accessing the central database via our wireless networks, these devices allow a more fluid check-in and with or without badge printing, can deliver a very fast throughput.

Barcodes or QR codes can both be used - either issued by you or by us ahead of the day. Our fully networked site server system validates each scan so that duplicates cannot be used but where multiple delegates are on one booking, we can check them in individually or as a group.