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Your event needs more than online registration

If you follow any industry press, you'll know that the interest in event technology shows no sign of abating. It has been an exciting few years as the interest and spending on online tools, apps and the like have increased year on year.

At Event Connections, we absolutely love new technology and always seek to find practical ways of introducing it to help improved the processes and experiences for event organisers and their visitors.

But it's not just about technology.

People come to events as people. They leave their desks for a few hours or a few days to engage with others. So, whilst the technology can help you run a better event, we work hard to ensure that a high level of customer service is available to your guests. Yes, they can use the best and most flexible registration system available. But we'll also be there, on the end of a phone line or in person to deal with enquiries and re-enforce your brand.

As you plan your forthcoming events, try not to forget that technology is a means to an end. Try not to forget that the people coming to your events are... people!

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