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Automatic badge printing at events and conferences

Most of our clients turn to us because what they are doing is no longer working for them. Either their event has grown, or they simply recognise that there might be better ways of doing things. One of the ways that we are able to revolutionise their on-site event registration is by implementing our streamlined badge printing solutions.

Our staffed registration desks provide the highest standard of customer service and give your visitors the best start to the event. Just a few letters from a persons name enables us to locate them, click a button and their badge is printed - all within a couple of seconds.

For larger events, of those with a technical emphasis, we can scan QR or barcodes (issued by you or us) and the visitor's badge will print immediately to a predefined printer. Printers can be mapped in a variety of ways - maybe with the exhibitor badges going to a printer by the exhibitor entrance and loaded with the right badge stock.

You could go even further - people could scan their own QR code as they walk in the door and the screen will display where to go to collect their badge - maybe Door B? When they get there, it can be handed to them by a member of your team.

We've even developed ways that people can walk in the venue and click a link on their own phone to print a badge. This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach minimises the need to interact with any additional technology or staff.

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