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Environmentally friendly event badge solutions

With the pressure on organisers to carefully assess and minimise the environmental impact of their events, it is important that every aspect of the planning and delivery process be considered.

We focus on two different badge types - plastic, credit-card style and larger, expo style, cardboard badges.

Our credit-card badges are made from biodegradable PVC resin. When introduced into a fertile environment, the breakdown process starts; completing in 1 to 5 years. The cardboard style badges are fully recyclable. Any accessories like lanyards and plastic holders can easily be re-used and so it is a good idea to collect these at the event of the event.

Other sustainable aspects of our services include:

  • Web registration and email confirmations - minimising paper
  • Co-ordination of public transport for delegates - minimising car journeys
  • Badge printing on-demand at the event - minimising waste
  • Resources (like presentations, papers etc) can be hosted on the event microsite post-event - minimise printing
  • Online reporting for key personnel - minimising paper reports