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Registration at outdoor events

As organisers look to create innovative, creative events, we are able to provide registration, badging and tracking solutions that work - even in the most unlikely of places. As well as hotels and conference centres, over the years, we have been asked to work in car parks, festival sites, stately homes and in city centre environments.

Where event registration, check-in and badging solutions are required in remote environments, we have the appropriate expertise and equipment to make it all work properly.

For example, when a group of international business leaders needed to be checked in and directed to the right coach before heading to their hotels, we deployed an integrated outdoor wifi solution. A team of people were spread throughout the car park using handheld devices with scanners linking back to our site servers. As badges were scanned the operator was told what coach to direct the delegate to without any delay. Our real-time reports then enabled us to see who was on-board and critically, who was still missing before the coaches departed.

In another scenario, we deployed a check-in and badging solution housed at the entry point to a large private conference taking place in a big top. With limited internet access, all of our systems were designed to run offline. As always, our team were on-hand to deliver first class support for attendees whilst being backed by the latest technology.

Please get in touch if you need any assistance streamlining registration, badging or tracking at your outdoor event.