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Why event badge designs matter

I’m terrible with names. I can be introduced to someone and by the end of the first sentence, I have forgotten their name. In my ideal world everyone would be sporting a clear name badge!

At events, guests often bump into long lost contacts and acquaintances but need a prompt with the name. A well designed badge can really help, but it is important that it is easy to read at a quick glance.

We always look to make the core information (usually name and company) as large and as clear as possible but to be able to do that, the branding and any logos need to be laid out in a way that leaves sufficient space. It’s not uncommon for names to span two lines and we recently had a job title that contained 12 words!

Sometimes, rather than put the event logo on the badge, you can simply use colours and backgrounds that obviously link to the event theme – saving you that all important space. Think about the other things you might need on the design: a barcode, session choices, wifi password etc and allow enough space for them too.

Symbols are sometimes better than words. For example, an asterisk for a new customer or the letter E for exhibitors. With careful thought, it’s amazing what you can get on and still ensure it is legible.

Helping you to finalise the badge design is part and parcel of our service. We’ve done a fair few in our time and are happy to help get it right for you.