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Breakout Sessions

Multiple seminar and breakout options can be difficult to track and manage, and the last thing you want is oversubscribed sessions and confusion with pass allocation.

Our in-house seminar selection system allows us to manage multiple seminar and breakout session options with ease. Elements such as session fees, room capacities, series linked and invite-only sessions can all be managed and presented in a clear format to visitors – whilst also giving you direct online access to detailed, real-time reports.

Delegates can select from the available options as part of their online or offline registration and receive full details in a confirmation email or letter. Even if they subsequently switch sessions, your online reports remain up to date, all of the time.

Whether your event has three simple choices or a matrix of 100 simultaneous sessions with interlinking streams – we can help ensure that sessions are allocated correctly, are never oversold and that you have real-time information on attendees.

We've worked with numerous large companies to ensure the smooth running and organisation of various seminars and breakout options within their large-scale events. A weekend event for Cambridge University saw our team handling over 100 different breakout sessions; some were part of a series with required attendance across all sessions, some had an entry fee, and some required travel. We also had to allow buffers to account for travel between venues.

Our seminar selection system managed the complex requirements without hitch, leading to all sessions being correctly allocated, in full attendance and a great success.

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