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E-ticketing Issuing & Scanning

In order to maximise the flow of arrivals at your event, it can sometimes be advantageous to issue e-tickets for scanning as people arrive.

By sending QR codes as a final mailing, people can arrive with a print out or on their smartphone. Our wireless devices can scan, check-in, generate badges and validate additional guests as required. Additional help desks can deal with the anomalies like name changes and new registrations.

If we have not being managing pre-event registration, then you can still take advantage of e-tickets. Either you can generate your own QR or barcodes and let us know the references, or we can generate the mailing for you. In either case, the result offers a swift and accurate check-in solution for larger events. At a recent exhibition, we had 3000 people per hour arriving across just 12 scanners - all networked back to our stable on-site servers.

We are continually developing our on-site services - striving to deliver a first rate experience for attendees, whilst giving organisers the information they need at a realistic price.

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