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Check-in On Arrival

Our fully managed on-site check-in and badging service offers the perfect solution for those wanting a polished and professional registration desk. Using the latest technology, delegates are checked-in quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Gone are the days of ticking names off on printed lists and having a sea of badges laid out across tables! Our sophisticated in-house computer system enables delegates to arrive, be greeted and checked in, receive their badge and get into the event – all in just a few seconds.

Check in can be handled in a number of different ways depending on the event - hotel style reception, super-fast QR code scanning, self registration... we work with our clients to offer the most suitable option for them.

As well as being fast, it is highly accurate so that at any point, we know exactly who has arrived and who is yet to come. We can staff the desks or just provide the oversight – whichever works best for you and the event.

Our approach allows for real-time reporting as well as easy management of additions, changes and substitutions. Not only does this mean you are able to access real-time data on attendance stats and financial information, but we are also able to quickly and easily change, add or substitute entrants’ details or passes into the event at the drop of a hat.

We pride ourselves on our highly organised, streamlined registration process and have worked with many global companies on large-scale events with many thousands of attendees. Each event runs smoothly, professionally and without any problems due to the professionalism and flexibility of our delegate handlers and advanced computer systems.

Read how we improved the on-site registration process and eliminated queues for one of Societe Generale’s largest events.

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