Breakout Sessions




We know that assigning delegates to breakout sessions can quickly become complicated and confusing. Our event registration software is custom built to manage breakout seminars for our clients whether they only require an indication of popularity or need to manage a series of complex sessions that are personalised to each attendee.

On your booking pages we will be able to personalise agendas for each individual based on their stream, their attendee type or their ticket type. Your delegates will be able to select a breakout schedule tailored specifically for them in a stress free, straightforward format. When your attendee has chosen their seminars, this information will be available for you to access in real time. With a unique login you will be able to track information such as room capacities, patterns in selection and session fees.

Our in-house seminar selection system simplifies your delegate management, enabling you to focus on other areas of the event while being able to monitor your breakout information in one easy to access place.

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Event Connections provide exceptional event registration and delegate management services to event, conference and exhibition organisers.

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