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We offer high speed, on-site event badge printing solutions to event organisers. Various badge options are available to suit different events. Whichever style you choose, our on-demand badge printing software makes the whole process extremely quick whilst offering real-time stats to organisers. Click here to find out more about our Event Check-in solutions.

Our in-house badge printing system enables us to be able to use a range of printing technology and badge types. Our dual server system continuously syncs back to our cloud servers and even if the internet goes down, we’ll keep operating. Our event team will bring all of the equipment to your event, set it up and oversee the on-site registration process so you don’t need to worry about it.

Badge options:

Our compostable credit card style badges are ideally suited to smaller conferences and meetings looking for a high-end finish. In order to print these quickly, the colour branding is printed in advance and then we overprint the delegate data in black.

Standard expo badges offer a larger sized badge, which is great for networking. They are usually printed double sided and lanyards can clip straight onto the badge negating the need for a plastic holder.

For ultimate flexibility, our full colour expo badge printers offer clients the ability to fully customise badge designs for different attendees, without compromising on durability, quality or print speed. From branding and colour identifiers to specific sponsor logos and agendas, designs can be personalised instantly as people check-in and printed in less than five seconds. Using badge stock designed and manufactured to Event Connections’ exact specifications, the badges are highly detailed, double sided and smudge, water and fade resistant. Lanyards can be attached directly to the special paper material, which cannot be ripped. The badges are also fully recyclable and can be produced in a range of sizes.

A variety of badge fixings are available for all badges including clip and pin, lanyards, strap clips, magnet clips etc.

The badge design is entirely your choice and we can produce mock-ups and samples ahead of the event. Different information can also be displayed on different categories of badges – for example displaying breakout choices or attendee type.

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Event Connections provide exceptional event registration and delegate management services to event, conference and exhibition organisers.

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